Lake Bell, I’m under spell,
I saw your breasts, they were stupendous
Now I wait, for my love named Lake
If I was Semi-Famous could I get one date
And swim in the lake of bliss x2
In a world, I could get one kiss

It never, was any better,
when I saw you naked, in how to make it in America
Brian Greenberg, was the lead for her,
I’m just as Jewish, so let’s do this (and swim in the lake)

this guitar rift, is as pretty, is you are, in a million dollar arm

An I admit, I’m not one for tits
I’m ass man girl but you have changed this
But it’s more than having great tits,
I love you directorial debut, get that shit on Netflix

2 thoughts on “Love Song to Lake Bell

  1. This made me grin on a grey Monday morning. Love your voice and this line in particular caught my ear
    I’m just as Jewish, so let’s do this

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