Excited to see them tonight! I’m from Florida so I liked them from the start but I thought it was lame when people accused them of selling out on New Wave because it wasn’t punk enough or whatever (by the way you go try to make a living being musician and then be all high and mighty).

It was a great album (their best album) and it impacted culture. Fuck preaching to the choir, that shit converted the moderates and said real important shit about the music industry and our foreign policy. Who else did that? Fucking Yellowcard´╗┐? Green Day? Give me a break, all these pop punk bands are the biggest pussy ass posers I have ever heard, Avril Lavigne is more punk than most of these tools.

But Against Me! is the real deal, they have a backbone and are always saying something even writing a pop song. This song above was a brilliant female character study about addiction, with a great pop hook.

It was sad to see a band get punished by their fans for developing craft and from going from good to great because it didn’t match the ‘punk’ aesthetic that has become more stale than the piss stains on CBGG’s floors.

I’m just sick of this desire and fetish to be obscure. It’s stupid and flaccid artistic thinking. It is not even about money, there is POWER in impacting culture.

You can actually change shit when you can reach those people in the middle.

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