It’s been Bachelorette Roulette.

A game of odds, numbers,
and suitors who never
lived up
to the fairy
tales you love.

I’m Goldilocks
with curly hair
and hipster glasses.

I didn’t even know
I was playing,

but life’s been a game
of hearts and eggs
since we were tadpoles

I didn’t choose to play,
You chose me,
and then it was.

I was in.

Win or lose,
I wanted you in ways
I’ve wanted few things.

Typed words kept me safe,

until you spoke
and I heard
a voice and laugh

that showed me
why so many men
fight so hard
to be close to you.

Fairy tales end,
epic stories begin:

I became Ulysses,
with an untied heart
as your voice pumped
all my blood,
and caution
into the wind.

You have been a storm,
I’m willing to drown in.

It’s not death
you cause me,
just the pain
of knowing,

I found a home
but someone else
is sleeping in it
until you travel to me.


Christoph Paul is the author of two poetry collections and the upcoming poetry book “At Least I Get You In My Art & Other Poems”

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