Why has Ronald McDonald all of a sudden gone hipster?

Because McDonald’s is a brilliant Machiavellian company and has done one of the biggest marketing mindfucks to reach the targeted hipster twenty and thirty-something. What they are doing is brilliant marketing and manipulation of ‘the health conscious’ hipster by using irony–hipsters greatest drug against them.

The the only way to get health conscious 20 & 30 somethings to eat at McDonald’s was to out “ironize” them.

Anyone who works in advertising are manipulative soulless bastards, and I am not even saying that critically–that is just who they are and play a role in getting people to buy shit (sometimes good, sometimes bad) the same way we need mercenaries to kill terrorists. The money is there and they are very good at doing their jobs of knowing how to manipulate people, so they’ll sell anything.

Once in a while, I like to see their powers of evil used against another entity I don’t care for which are the hipsters (which can mean so many things, but predominantly is a certain age, group, and ethnicity. I honestly could be labeled a hipster but I hate irony and tribalism and believe in authenticity and like that Cold War Kids which has actually kept me from getting ‘hipster pussy’ but I digress.)

That said, this McDonald’s hipster campaign is a brilliant way of targeting mostly white middle and upper class twenty & thirty somethings (aka hipsters), who have seen “Super Size Me” and believe in organic food and our health conscious because–the man is out to get you to eat shit.

The soulless marketing advertisers had their work cut for them, that is a hard thing to change, but hipsters have a very interesting way to deal with the existential struggles of life–to accept nothing is really genuine, and to deal with this tragic view of life they wrap themselves in irony.

Machiavelli marketers knowing this could have figured out a brilliant way to exploit the hipster philosophy. They purposely know hipsters would feel it to be such a joke that they are targeted by McDonald’s ridiculously with a hipster Ronald McDonald, but for hipsters stay true to their philosophy of irony they would have to go eat at McDonald’s as a joke as an ironic activity, and then other hipsters in major cities would start eating McDonald’s as hipsters ironically.

Can you eat a Big Mac ironically? Yes you can.

If that is the true strategy, that is brilliant and really fucked up way to get hipsters to eat McDonald’s, because McDonald’s food is so addictive so they just need to get these ‘hipster’ kids to eat it a few times until addiction surpasses irony.

Don’t be surprised if you now see an expanse of fat hipsters.

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