I write while you sleep,
I can tell when you
have nightmares.
When awake I know
when your scared
just by sounds
of your voice,
it is the way
you struggle over
certain words.
I speak you,
you’ve become
a language to me
with its own logic.
It’s love, amore,
the way we pictured
love when I took
Spanish in high school.
But we are adults
and both have demons
that dance over our
moments of the dead.
We can’t shield ourselves
from it & hide in love,
but can let it lead us.
We can praise its name
knowing no matter
how many nightmares
we face, we can
awake to each other,
we can awake to love.


Christoph Paul is the author of 5 books including 2 poetry collections and the upcoming future titled “Shitty Love Poems”.

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