I’m not a liberal, I just like pointing out bullshit.

It is clear to me if I didn’t have a checkered past I could run in the Republican Primaries for a congress and win.

It is just using a simple combination of talking point which Brat used: 33% quotes of the bible, 33% quotes of Ayn Rand, & 33% of Obamacare & immigrants are bad. 1% actual issues.

That is it. You don’t even have to be charismatic, good-looking–Brat certainly isn’t.

Hell, I could probably be a Jew for Jesus to cover up my past and be ok.

If you Tea Partiers decide to do this understand you won’t win the regular election against a Democrat who will look like a moderate even if he is left of Bernie Frank.

But hey, that is alright, make a enough noise and Fox News will hire you.


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