I’m going to keep it real. I’ve been MIA and been in a bad depression. It’s been crazy and not cool kind of crazy. Sad kind of crazy. Depression is a crazy thing, but it doesn’t mean you’re crazy. You can be with someone you love, but with depression your vision is just tainted. Everything seems wrong and awful under the eyes of depression.Everything seems pointless. Even writing is futile. Everything feels futile. My system got all out of whack and the meds I am taking are making me feel myself again.

I didn’t write anything worth a damn for almost a year, but I went back to school recently. Psychology. Yeah, irony, blah, blah, but it feels like a right fit. I am still going to write but it will mean something different. The last good thing I wrote was a Twitter Psychology book. I went through some things I have done and under mentally healthier eyes they weren’t terrible. A few belong in the world.

I’m gonna try to blog again, I am even doing a project for school that says expressive writing is mentally helpful.

In the mean time here is a new book that is about 9 months late, but it’s birthed. It’s really a tribute story to South Park and Kevin Smith. Fred Phelps In Hell!

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