This is a WIP from a Political-Satire Erotica titled A Fair & Balanced FuckFest. The synopsis: Left Wing Radicals and Teamsters team up and spike Fox News’ water supply with a deviant sex drug. Featuring Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove, Fox and Friends fucking, Gretchen Van Susteren masturbating for Xenu, Sean Hannity and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sarah Palin and Huckabee, and Lou Dobbs and the Mexican Janitor Miguel all have a Fair & Balanced FuckFest.


Michelle Malkin finished the final drops of her tea. “You know what is wrong about CPAC youth?”

Feeling hot and turned on they all asked in unison, “NO?”

Malkin replied, “They’re pussy eating skills are worse than the ObamaCare website.”
She reached under her skirt and pulled down her black panties. She paraded her shaved vagina with pride that glistened like Mount Rushmore on a spring day.

One of the boys said, “God bless America. I must taste it.”

“Yes,” Malkin replied. “You need to take those tongues and use them on this pussy. Make it like a America was under Reagan—a shinning beacon on a hill. Let me see which one of you is a true patriot. Use you tongue better than Obama does during his teleprompter speeches.”

The oldest of the boys went first, not very experienced he licked Michelle Malkin’s vagina. He was sloppy reminding her of a hungry dog eating Purina PuppyChow. He tried even sticking his tongue inside her delicate petite pussy, but he did not find the right spot similar to when Mitt Romney tried to connect with America’s Heartland.

He licked until Malkin was sick of his piss-poor technique. She pushed the twenty-something away and said, “Go masturbate in the corner like a black drug addict.”


Christoph Paul is the author of 6 books of humor, satire, bizarro, horror, and poetry.

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