Human Centipede 3

If you’re just wanting to know if this was cool or it sucked, well, it was most definitely cool. You can leave this website and go to your VOD of preference and download that shit. Now, if you’ve seen the film or curious if it is good and don’t mind a few minor spoilers you can keep on reading.

I can’t say this is the best horror film of the year but it definitely the best comedy I have seen this year. With this third film (which is definitely the best one) we see Tom Six is really one of the best satirists in film. Where the first one had a fun punk rock-shock vibe and the second had fun with meta and gross out gore, the final section is where Six’s idea really shined.

Like reading De Sade or watching South Park, if you take this too seriously you are not going to enjoy this film. It’s a crude carnival act and caricature in the vein of many Troma films. When ass to mouth is a major plot point, this is not Shakespeare or following Robert McKee’s Story principles. This is meta punk satire and it is a beautiful thing.

There is glee and mischief in Dieter’s performance and script. Him saying so many offensive lines and doing offensive things reminded me of reading 120 Days of Sodom as a teen just laughing with guilt. That is the key with art like this, it is satire and you are meant to laugh. Where De Sade was satire against Rousseau’s idea of the Noble Beast, Human Centipede 3 is really just a ‘fuck you’ to any type of politically correct safe entertainment.This is established when Dieter’s warden starts eating ‘fried African clitoris’. It doesn’t serve the story and it’s fucked up but it works and you feel bad for laughing but you do.

There are so many hilarious moments. Where A Siberian Film makes you cringe and have an existential moment, Human Centipede 3 makes you cringe and laugh. There is no hero, no one to root for, but there are many characters to laugh with or at. If you are looking for conventional horror or storytelling this isn’t that kind of movie. Besides Troma, the film reminds me of novels. 120 Days in Sodom and the meta hardcore horror round robin novel “Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road.” Both have this strange and fucked up glee seeing how uncomfortable we can get and what is our relationship to sadism, sex, and violence.

Where these books look at the love of sadism and a world with no morality, Tom Six isn’t that interested in anything that deep. Six is not a philosopher or even a horror hardcore guy, he is more of the class clown. For him it’s the spectacle and fun; the movie is the joke. The story, the character, the fright is not important but the joke is and he tells it very well.

Whether to see this film or not I pose you this: if you liked the kid in the back who always made obnoxious jokes you felt guilty for laughing at, this film is for you. If you wanted to punch him in the face, go watch the awesome Mad Max: Fury Road again.

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