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Hello. Patrick Bateman here, what a spiffy tune I get to review.

It is not only a pleasure but a privilege to talk about one of the best pop artists since Huey Lewis and The News.

It is a shame the songs starts with what the kids are calling hip hop. I don’t care for rap music. While I appreciate the African-American struggle, I once saw a young black teenager playing a boom box at an obnoxious level. I followed him down an alley and stabbed in the back with a dirty needle. The cry he made was so much better than the song, he started to breathe heavily and I kicked him in the throat and water-boarded his nostrils with my urine. As he begged me to stop I took his boom box and broke his knee caps. I looked at the bone sticking out and said, “Our bones are all one color.”

Taylor Swift really bridges the vast culture gap of America. The term mad love comes from the struggling ghettos of the inner city, but Taylor speaks for all americans. We sometimes wonder if utopia is possible and Taylor ponders this as well, questioning if love and blood can co-exist.

Why does our blood lead us to hate? Can love conquer our genetic code? Taylor Swift in her heart wants it too, but this song shows she is experiencing the humble truths of adulthood. That life should be but is not an expression of love. That when you love someone, sometimes the only way to express this love is to invite them to Dorsia and put Rufilian in her drink.

I carried her home and put her on my own bed and cut little puncture wounds with a linoleum knife through out her body. I copulated each hole, my penis excellent and hard-hitting all the major organs, making blood spill all over the bed until she was dry and I had an excellent waterbed.

I disagree with Taylor Swift. I don’t believe there is such things as bad blood. Not all blood spilled is bad, and that is why we will always find comfort in stories like Christ or Gandhi. Hatred from mankind is a dilemma since Cane and Able and rightly so Miss Swift says ‘band aids don’t fix bullet holes’.

Until we learn that gun violence is the turbulence of society and healthcare is for all, we will never truly evolve into the people we need to be. Until then we can share Taylor’s dreams and try to live our own, knowing in our hearts we have mad love.

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