The Omen

My Father is tired of looking
at the burning bodies.
His wings are charred but
His soul beats in my chest.
His words keep my heart beating:
His eyes watch over me.

The women who tower over me
tell me I’m an angel,
but I am only half and a jackal.

These older women know,
I am better then man–
better then The Son.

I am safe, guarded, and loved.

Yet when my other father
read me Revelations,
I understood how Christ
felt on the cross.

I asked my true Father,
“Am I to be forsaken?”

He will not answer.
He only speaks
through my strength.

Know matter how powerful
I feel through Him,
every day I wonder:

What if this isn’t all for me?


Christoph Paul is an author of 6 books of humor, horror, bizarro, non-fiction, and poetry.

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