A Confederate Flag Turned Me Gay Review

Art and Sexuality is a complex dance. Sexual Persoane and the fetish of the object is a conversation nature and the arts have had with each other since cave paintings. Procreation is only half the story and imagination tells the other half. Pop Culture has had a fun love affair with sexualizing non-sexual objects. From […]

10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Gay Marriage

It’s happened. The gays are getting married and its only a matter of time until their agenda reaches us innocent Americans. We all know that God made marriage to keep us from sin. Now that America made this institution gay, we are all sitting ducks to become part of the homosexual lifestyle now. While prayer […]

Response to 5 Things Cracked PC Article

http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-things-no-one-mentions-when-debating-political-correctness/ The author makes some good points. Comedy or any art is about workshopping. I have had fans say: I love your work but you went a little too far. These are fair criticisms & I create for myself and for fans to enjoy. My only complaint and criticism of this article & PC culture […]