I’m disgusted and angry by Charleston. What kind of asshole goes to a Church, prays with them, and then kills all them?

A racist and crazed terrorist.

All I know is from South Carolina to Syria, young men are deciding to find meaning and purpose in destroying and murdering the ‘other’.

This one hits close to home. I’m not black. I don’t have the same bullshit black people have to deal with, especially, in the south. I’m not blind though and the hate and ignorance is ugly to see. These fucks are evil.

It makes me angry that we still have white supremacists. I can only imagine how African-Americans feel. To see this bullshit all the time being done by crazy people or even cops is enraging and disheartening. I don’t have words of wisdom for a solution.

I only see a man who killed people cause he hated them. It’s no different then a person getting on a plane or strapping a bomb to kill ‘the other’. Terrorism is terrorism. Racism is racism. Hate is hate.

When I found the news out about Charleston I had perfect book “Skinzz” (look below). There was not a more fitting piece of fiction to process this bullshit again.


Yeah, some will find the cover is ugly. It is disturbing. It makes you cringe. But this reflects the ugly shit we are living in these days. The hate I see in real life by Dylan Roof was reflected in the dialogue I read in this book. A group of Skin Heads called The Unrest talking about their hate of niggers, spics, and how most punk rockers are Jews. How they tried to rape an older black woman and set her hair on fire.

Here were words and scenes much more extreme and awful then the news, but they brought the same feelings: sadness and rage. The Skinheads and The Dylan Roof’s are the ones I want to see get justice. Though we have morality in the real word, and hold onto our humanity more than these pieces of shit, in fiction I want to see people like this meet a fate worse than all victims of this hatred combined.

That is the magic of fiction and especially hardcore Horror. It is a safe place to deal with this worse of the real world. To see justice in fiction is cathartic and safe. I know the sad truth that this kid could end up getting an insanity plea and no words can express how disgusting I find that.

But fiction has a way of making sense of these tragic absurdities or even better they punish the people who carry out these acts

I am only 1/3 through the book but I am looking forward to seeing these the white supremacists meet their doom and I know their will be no mercy on them.


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