Jaws death

The night ocean
is champagne on my skin.
He drank so much,
and passed out in the sand.
Drunk men are jellyfishes.
At least coke heads will swim
with me and float like bottles.

I don’t need a man here.

All my worries, all my cares
are massaged away with waves.

In the dark blue
I feel at one
with All.

I see white
in the darkness,
and feel its energy
come toward me.

Can magic swim?
Do the goddesses
baptize the late Hours
before the sunrise?

I reflect back
on my dreams and goals
and the youth I’ve lost.

There are regrets,
but in the silence
I feel the ocean
comfort me

Even speak to me
like a silent prayer.

That it knows
all the weight
I carry on land.

I can sense it
trying to tell me

Something meaningful!
Something life changing!


I feel the energy
coming closer.

I twirl around like a ballerina.
knowing I will dance on land.

I see now
life is a gift
and so am I.

I love the sea
and life itself.

I let it hold me
it is the hands
of the Zodiac…

but the sea
wraps around me,
pulls me down,
and rips me apart.







it hurts.


let go


Christoph Paul is an author of books about managing porn stores, sharks attacking White House, pigeon pimps, and poetry.

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