I couldn’t let it take my son.
I had to take his life,
and not let it be
devoured by monsters.

To have death come quick,
and to make it human,
that is all I could give him.
If he had to go before me,
at least it would be through love.

I tried to take my life too,
but the bullets
were as gone
as my boy.

Alone, the gun shots
echoed in the car.
My screams mixed with them
until all I heard was
the sound of no God.

The Mist brushed against the windows.
They were covered in the blood
of the ones I loved.
I was ready for it
to take me in a way
I saved them from …

But It didn’t,
only soldiers
rode in with machines.
They looked more
monstrous then any
of the creatures.

All I wanted then
was one more bullet,
one more minute,
one more chance
to not have my son,
and the others in the car
die for no purpose.

The monsters got killed
but sometimes we kill them
too soon and then you become
the monster haunted by the faces you love …


Christoph Paul is the author of 6 books of humor, poetry, non-fiction, bizarro, and horror.

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