Every once in a while, a true voice of the literary world speaks. They used to be in books–before the BUDDY SYSTEM, but now only true artists use modern communication AGAINST THE SYSTEM. These saviors of the arts you can find on other people’s Facebook pages. They don’t put art on there, no, they save for it Createspace. Instead these bad asses swing from thread to thread like a literary Tarzan beating on their chest for real art. They point out the nepotism of nihilism that perpetrates the publishing industry and shitty solipsism. But this ‘they is a single MAN. He’s against all ISMS cause he is a true individual. This man, I will not name, because he is above names and I don’t want to start a BUDDY SYSTEM with him because we are ABOVE THE BUDDIES. He sees through the broken ethics of literary world and even western civilization. Aristotle said the highest form of friendship was mutual inspiration. Yeah, well, Aristotle probably had sex with kids! I’m not really sure if it was him or Plato but I know you can’t trust Greeks from anytime. LOOK AT THEIR ECONOMY! Save your philosophy when your giving each other handjobs at your Cons..Con-like CON ARTIST. Ha, More like CONJOBS! HAH! Truth hurts BUDDY!


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