My little girl
the life
of a princess.

When she smiles
all I want
is for a man
better than me
to make her smile
the same way

For someone with such
inner and outer beauty,
the boys do not pay
her any attention.

The world cannot see real beauty.

Only a father can see
The beauty of his seed.
My lovely plant
and needing
to be picked.

I spy on her
when she is unclothed.
Some days
I walk inside.

I tell her
that her breasts
are perfect,
and the hair
between her legs
will turn all the boys on.

I show her my erection
to prove it.

“But daddy,” she says,
“I’m not pretty enough.
I want the boys
to show me theirs’,
not your wrinkled pop.”

“But look darling,” I say.
“Look how excited you get me.”

“Stop touching yourself, daddy.”

I do and give her kiss
and tell her she’ll
find that special boy.

She smiles and gives me a hug.
She knows her father’s love.

My daughter gets
what she wants
and deserves.

I wave goodbye
to my little angel
and leave our house
to find the perfect
boy to take her to prom.


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