gay marriage terrorist

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Probably the least Ancient Alienesque argument against Gay Marriage I’ve read, but still comes off as paranoid & frightened lunacy of positive change. Also, historically it is very silly proclaiming Traditional Marriage as the savior of western society. It was a way for women to be treated like like property & to keep men from getting cuckolded. Hell, I think we are actually improving on upon the ‘idea’ of marriage this century. Gay people and women get choice to do what they want legally. It is freedom and to be against life, liberty, & pursuit of happiness is always a mistake. Western Civ 2 can teach you that. If anyone is actually ‘hurt’ by gay marriage it is because certain religious ideals you hold sacred are going to become anachronisms. That probably hurts, but free (not religious) societies function much better that way. I think defenders of Jim Crowe felt similar, but history will show that legalizing gay marriage was the right choice just like getting rid of Jim Crowe.

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