NSA Gamer Gate

I am not a fan of #GamerGate. I also don’t think it’s evil either. I think it is misguided frustration and disenchantment about modern life, but I digress.

My major complaint and critique about it, it is a very cry wolf, selective, selfish, and honestly a silly movement. Ethics in video journalism and critiques of gamer culture are about as important of a movement as getting teens to stop masturbating.

Video games are and always will be a booming business that really have no threats. What I see is paranoia, pearl clutching, and fake outrage. The problem about fake overreaction outrage is when something actually serious and important happens people take it less serious.

I also think the #SadPuppy thing is really stupid and just sour grapes for writers’ whose books suck and have nothing really to say. God help you if you want to take on #TheHorror community, but I do think there are actual legitimate concerns about social justice being more important than art and expression in the MFA/Literary Journal dominated poetry community.

I recently got into dispute with many what I label “Cause Artist” poets for republishing a poem that was anti-ISIS that they felt was more anti-Muslims. I put it up on ThatLitSite.com, a site/press founded in Boston, and the founder took it down to legitimate concerns of cyber-terrorism or even worse–physical attacks.The poem was very much in the vein of the Danish Cartoons controversy and Charlie Hebdo. You can read it on my website.

As someone who overslept a terrorist attack in London and should be dead, I understand this fear, and I am little bit more concerned about ISIS and the rise of white male terrorists in America, than if feminists criticize a fucking video game.

While I know you #GamerGate guys have no desire to help poets, because you only worry about what affects you, I ask this in all seriousness: what if you could do something that could help your country and be more meaningful than patrolling Twitter?

Honestly, nothing makes me more sad than seeing grown men go police Twitter looking to start flame wars in the name the of #GamerGate. It saddens me because I see passion and vigilance being put to foolish use. All that is happening is you will make Nero, Brietbart writers, MRA nuts, Return of Kings, and Christian H. Sommers money to go speak and write their columns while you guys get nothing but a sense of purpose that will feel futile in 5 years.

I am a humanist and want to see people reach their potential. I am for individuality not tribalism and what I see is a bunch of dudes who would be ideal in working for the NSA instead of wasting time on Twitter.

What if instead of worrying and searching Twitter about someone bad mouthing gamers, you actually got paid to find someone planning about blowing up or murdering innocent people?

I think that would be way more rewarding and a better use of your time. You’d actually being doing something that really matters.

While I am not crazy about the NSA, I see they are a needed evil in a free society that is connected digitally.

When we are worried about posting something because our website or our actual physical selves could be injured, we need governmental protections.

I would trust #GamerGate activists to find terrorist activity.

If you can find anything related to video game journalism or PC behavior on Twitter I am sure you can find internet Islamic or White Power Terrorism like Dylan Roof.

I have seen you guys find personal Facebook photos anti-#GamerGate author and publisher Jeff Burk and share them on the internet.

What if you found Dylan Roofs or Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Facebook pictures instead?

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