My favorite short story collections always feel more like great albums than books.They have the big and amazing singles/stories and also the non-hits but artistic jams that compliment and strengthen the album as a whole. John Skipp a musician, slatterpunk Godfather, director, and publisher follows that rule and gives us one of the best collections of the year.

The big hits in this book would be the previous and excellent Kindle Single “Art is the Devil” and “Skipp’s Hollywood Alphabet Soup of Horror”, and “Food Fight”. These stories alone are stand alone greats. You have a sense of play and seriousness that I see many writers try but few pull off. Yet, there is not filler in this collection as “Depresso the Clown” to “Zygote Notes on the Imminent Birth” stay with me and I think: I gotta read that again sometime. That was good shit.

Every story has a depth and fun to it that I look for in fiction. Some of course or better than others, but all of them are good to great.

Skipp, the publisher of Fungasm Press, put out the best short story collection of 2014 “I’ll Fuck Anything That Will Move..And Stephen Hawking” by Violet LeVoit. His own collection reminds very much of LeVoit’s, not in plot or style, but with the transgressive yet vulnerable attitude.

Skipp shows that can bring Fungasms into the world while also creating them himself.

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