Mrs. Voorheees

His mother only wanted him to be safe.
For the kids to not laugh
at how his face drooped
like the sundaes that melt
from the Camp Crystal Lake sun.

Camp gave her son
a chance to be away from mother.
At home, she treated him like the dog,
angry when he needed,
but loving,
when she needed to feel needed.

Jason always loved
how pretty mommy was.
He’d go look in the mirror
and wonder why
he didn’t look like mommy.

The asymmetry and dents in his head
looked like the roads
his mommy hated to drive on.
She loved him even more
because of them.

When a son has no one to love them,
a mother knows and tries to love him more.
Until it all becomes too hard,
and she sends him away.

At Crystal Lake, Jason learned
the true meaning of,
“a face only a mother could love”.
His face unsightly and unfair,
the kids wouldn’t even pick on him,
they’d only ignore him—
including the counselors.

For them, camp was a place
to forget the wrongs of the world.
A paradise where no one
was really an adult or a child.
Where the kids could swim
and the counselors could make out
without either being told to stop.

No one even noticed Jason drown.
Only his mother
who never let her son
out of her sight.
She let him die too,
and looked at the counselors
and decided who she’d kill first.

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