It felt so good
the first time I said
‘hello Cindy.’

That voice.

It was everything
I wanted
to hear
in a father
and a mother.

Everything I couldn’t say
when not wearing the mask,

I kept it inside and plotted,
so much fucking plotting…

The horror films,
they all follow
these arcs and plots.

They are moral tales,
but Cindy’s mother
and the town,
they were Gomorrah
and I was the angel
sent to punish them all.

My mask is the face
of those ancient Angels.
The angles to punish
the whores and sluts.

I took Cindy’s virginity!

I followed the plot!

I made the film,
but she had the knife last,
and took the voice away.

My blood spills out of me,
and I realize I’m not God’s angel,
but only afraid where God
He will send me,

as the plot ends






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