I am happy to share the TOC of “Walk Hand in Hand Into Extinction: Stories Inspired by True Detective”. All of these stories are excellent and are very much in the vein of what people loved about the first season.

1) A Brief History of Bad Men by Tom Leins
2) The Yeller King by David W. Barbee
3) The Dark Side by Andrew Shaffer
4) Grieving in Reverse Drew Chial
5) Jacob County by Mark T. Conard
6) Meditation by Mack Cassidy
7) The Man Who Collected Chambers by William Tea
8) Interrogator by Anthony Trevino
9) The Lord Provides by Christopher Brosnahan
10) A Myth We Call Emptiness by Jerry Thompson
11) From The Dusty Mesa by David Busboom
12) Just Friends Michael W. Clark
13) Blue Armada Cometh by Graham Wooding
14) Midnight Abyss by Jayme Karales
15) Ecce Homo by Joel Amat Guell
16) Defilement by George Ferrell
17) Preacher by JC Drake
18) Bad Men by DJ Tyrer

2 thoughts on “True Detective Tribute Anthology TOC

  1. This is exciting. I loved the first season and want to explore more of the images and symbols in depth. These short stories sound great. I admit that I didn’t know what TOC was until I looked it up!

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