November 1st is great day to see where I am at with writing stuff. I work on multiple projects and have a pen names, it is a lot to keep track so I have decided to make a list of shit that is planned. I have seen the ‘old timers’ do lists of projects they are working on, so I thought why not do the same. Here are my projects that are done, looking for homes, or in process of getting done with potential publishers.

Christoph Paul

Great White 2: Billiary Bites Back. A sequel to Great White House with ISIS sand sharks: 10,000 words out of 25,000. Published by Clash Books

A Confederacy of Hot Dogs.  A retelling of the classic book with poet Philip LoPresti struggling to sell poetry and sell hot dogs for the mafia: currently 7,000 words out of 15,000 to 20,000. Will be published by Dynatox.

Bouquet Of Clumsy Words. YA book that is Forgetting Sarah Marshall and John Hughes movies but in South Florida. 65,000 words. Revising. Is repped by Veronica Park

Untitled Cosplay Bizarro Book.

Only notes and research and an outline has been started. Verbal pitch acceptance but not official. Over 40,000 words

At Least I Get You < In My Art

Poetry Collection of 12 years of poems. Does not have a home yet but is finished. 10,000 word 60 poem collection. Hoping for a 2016 release.

Horror Film Poems

Follow up to Psychoanalytic Celebrity Poems. Collection of 60 Poems about Horror Films with drawings from Joel Amut Guell. 30 Poems done. Two Publishers are considered.

Mandy De Sandra

Fox News Fuckfest. Fox News gets poisoned by sex drug and they start fucking each other. A  20,000 word novella that is complete. Pitch accepted publisher can’t be listed yet.

#GamerGate Made Me Gay. Novelette. Self-published through The Only Rx Press.

Donald Trump and The Alpha Billionaire Buttrons. Novelette Self-Published through The Only Rx Press.

Untitled/unnamed project

Spoof of Steve Harvey Self-help books. Notes and outline almost done. Self-published through The Only Rx Press.


Walk Hand In Hand Into Extinction. A True Detective Tribute Anthology, That Lit Press and The Only Rx Press hopes to have out by Dec 20th.

Practice Makes Perfect. A novella by Jayme Karles that I would pitch as Louie meets Bad Teacher. December Release as well through That Lit Press.

Booty Holocaust. A novella by Patrick Scott Barnes. The new president believes big booties are causing moral decay and rounds them up. Release in February through New English Press.

This Book Ain’t Nutin To Fuck Wit: A Wu-Tang Tribute Anthology. Submissions will be announced soon. Release in February through New English Press.


Treatment for Slasher Camp For Nerd Dorks. Need to start that!

Untitled horror/porn store film with Jayme Karles. Started, length still unknown.

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