I am so ADD. It is my strength, it my weakness. I have to do something or I get restless. When I was able to harness this and focus it into my writing, then a lot great things happened.

The last year, a few goals were reached: getting an agent, having a break out book, and starting a publishing company. This year now, I can’t fuck around. I have a lot of shit to do. Each day, I have to stay on task.

Before, I would just go with what was the hot hand with projects but now I have to learn to juggle. I can’t just go write a novelette in a day as Mandy or go on Facebook diatribe.

I have to focus. I am aiming higher this year. I have an agent and I’d be a fool not to use this awesome resource as writer. I have books I have to publish, and I have to find time to just chill the fuck out.

This year is already a challenge but I’m juggling and feeling grateful I have balls.

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