The internet and social media is bringing us back to our tribal roots, because in many ways it is a new civilization and we are forming a tribe. Many of the major issues right now are what is considered ok in this new civilization. There are people who want it to be totally different than ‘real life’ and say and do whatever they want, but that is foolish. Internet and real life are the same, it’s just a moreĀ convenient communication. We are figuring out what should be the conduct in this new online tribe. We are reaching a point where we are expelling people who can’t follow certain guidelines and behaviors. The same social contract rules of society is slowly trickling into the online life and it is for the best. There have been ‘strange’ people who think the internet brings out the worst of people, but they have just not learned to act socially on it, and it’s probably them being their more honest selves–if they acted like this irl they’d have no friends. The thing is we are social animals and the internet is the best way to connect with a community, and people that are banished from online communities are similar to are old tribal days of being lost in the wilderness.

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