I Talk Politics with Popular YouTuber Wizard of Cause

I am a regular on the political and pop culture show John Podesta’s Pizza Party. The show started a little after the election and now it has fan base and decent sized audience. I talked and debated with Twitter friend and popular YouTube Personality Wizard of Cause. I think this our best episode, definitely check […]

I interviewed B. Diehl

1) Would you write a poetry book titled Dude, You’re Getting A Diehl. What would it be about? Sure. But with that title, I think a novel-in-verse would be better than a poetry collection. I’d write this novel-in-verse about a very masculine, talkative, football-playing ex-frat boy named Honcho who hates everything sentimental. Honcho needs a […]

My Response to “What I’m Really Thinking: the Failed Novelist”

“What I’m Really Thinking: the Failed Novelist” Writers are the only “artists” I have ever met that don’t seem to grasp the idea of practice. I was in bands of different musical skill but even the shitty punk ones believed in practicing to get better. We all believed you had to write songs to learn […]