Transcript of Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un’s Meeting

Here is a WikiLeaks transcript of a conversation between Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un that can explain North Korea’s aggression toward United States. Transcript: Kim Jung Un: Your hair…it yellow like fresh rice. My people very hungry; did they try to eat head? Think food. You so tall, we can’t reach, but I can […]

Guest Blog Patrick Bateman Reviews Nicki Minaj Video ‘Highschool’

Greetings fellow Music Lover’s, hello, I am Patrick Bateman a New York resident whose story was featured in the book and film American Psycho. Christoph Paul has been so kind to let me use his blog to share my musings on today’s current music. I think it is going to be really neat. Nikki Minaj’s […]

Marco Rubio Reviews My Book

Copy of an e-mail Marco Rubio sent me last night that entails a review of my upcoming book ‘The Passion of The Christoph… Yo Christoph, digging the book ‘The Passion of the Christoph’. Much love; south Florida success stories you & me. Your writing is like Tupac meets Milton Friedman–the dope truth. Man, I like […]

James Franco Reviews My Book ‘The Passion of The Christoph’

What up Christoph, much love from your boy¬†James Franco for The Guest Blog Review of your book. Digging the fuck out of ‘The Passion of the Christoph’ bro; the book is good as ‘Your Highness’ & ‘Milk’ combined. Mucho Gracias for letting me be one of your Beta Readers. You’re really ¬†multi-talented & funny; I […]