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The Passion of the Christoph Podcast is Back

After a year hiatus from The Passion of the Christoph Podcast, I returned for a solo show. I shared my thoughts on current politics, depression and taking Effexor, sex abuse and being in the antho A Shadow Map, Pizzagate, the TV show Sweet/Vicious, and how it feels to be podcasting again. The podcast is back […]

I Was on Jeff Burk’s Podcast for An Epic Political Conversation

I went on Jeff Burk’s podcast for the second time. We geeked out about politics for 4 hours. Jeff is the publisher of Deadite the hardcore horror press and is the Bizarro author of Shatnerquake and Cripplewolf. We had an epic conversation about Politics and its relationship to the Internet. I went off about the alt-right, how […]