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A Manifesto For American Artists (This Will Be Better Received In Europe)

Pick Your Battles. We are in a capitalist country and guess what, no matter how many rallies and percentage points we talk about that is not going to change. In America, we are never going to be socialists. This country was founded by joyless Puritans and as artists we need to accept that and practice […]

Seeking Female Bass Player/Back Up Vocalist 4 The Black Keys Meets The Pixies Band

This is my real Craigslist Add. This is not a Satire Piece. I am busy writing this blog, doing music, and writing a fucking novel it’s not like I have bunch of time to meet a shitload of people. If you know people in the NYC area then please share. What up chica, I’m […]

Dear Jonathan Franzen (Free Kindle If You Read This) ‘Ebooks are not for serious readers’ Look Jonathan, I like ya, and for the most part I am on your team; you write great literary novels-a goal I want to achieve one day. ‘Freedom’ (3rd act issues aside) was really fucking good, but dude, come on, it’s easy to say shit like this when […]